Everyone has his or her own way of learning. One student may learn more through visual means, while another may prefer an auditory approach, and a third may prefer learning through the association of words.  In training her students, Linda de Veer, always emphasizes the students preferred method of learning.
Through her work as a television journalist, Linda has mastered the art of asking questions. She often uses the technique of interviewing to ensure interesting conversations in the language training programs.

Tailor-made courses using the right teaching techniques, including the interview method, give the fastest results.  All trainers at LIVE Language & Concept work in this way, with great success.



Having lived and worked in the US, the UK, Curaçao and Spain. Linda knows exactly what it means to be an expatriate. The training method she has devised immerses her students not only in the language they are learning, but also the accompanying culture and social attitudes.

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The founder, Linda de Veer, has developed an innovative lesson format that focuses on the needs of each individual student. Her work as a journalist with the Dutch national television and her own study of Dutch, English and Spanish form the basis for that method.

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